My name is U Min Lwin Oo (called Min Min) and I am the owner and Managing Director of the company known as Myanmar Frangipani Travels and Tours Co. Ltd., a private company located in Yangon, Myanmar by holding the Tourism License No. Kha-0965 issued by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Min Min has been in the tourism industry for a decade together with his associates. He has worked with tour groups, individual and business travelers. He has accompanied professional photographers, film crews and researchers through Myanmar. Many of his clients have used his services repeatedly or annually. With these credentials, his clients can rest assured that their visits to Myanmar will be comfortable, enjoyable, safe and exciting.

Our services include sightseeing, accommodation, restaurants arrangement, guide services, shopping tours, excursions into border areas, expeditions into wildlife areas and to little known islands. We also provide any kind of transportation. We can even charter boats or railway carriages for you, so that you can enjoy your journey from your own boat or Pullman railway carriage. We can take you to places which have not been visited by any foreigner in decades. Come with us and see the wonders of the Golden Land!

We enjoy very close relations with other service providers like hotels, restaurants and transportation companies.

Min Min also works in another field that is closely connected to tourism: the export of antiques, handicraft and souvenirs. He handles all the necessary procedures including shipping. He has clients in the US, in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Indonesia. He also accompanies foreign buyers on their purchasing trips. Min Min is also working in the medical field together with a friend-Pathologist by importing laboratory related instruments and its  chemicals concerned like reagents, antibodies and antigens.

Min Min is the uncompensated representative and member of the Advisory Board of a German charitable organization, the Myanmar-Kinderhilfe e.V. (Myanmar Children Support) http://www.myanmar-kinderhilfe.org, which supports six orphanages and six schools in Myanmar. Min Min was in charge of organizing the emergency and reconstruction operations for the victims of the Nargis Cyclone catastrophe, especially in the Delta region. We reconstructed three orphanages and two schools. Our organization supports some 1.600 girls and boys, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.

Min Min is also helping the Myanmar Children Support called Spirit of Asia from Germany. As a member of  the trustees, Min Min also works together with Moe and Early Morning for the Mandalay Projects (TMP) http://www.themandalayprojects.net of the friends from Singapore and Australia. TMP is supporting the Orphanages called the Mingalar Parahita in Twante and Metta Geha in Kanpetlet of the Chin Hills.

As representative and  a trustee he monitors, controls and supervises their projects in Myanmar. If you would like to visit any of the orphanages, he will be happy to introduce you.

At the end of July 2016, Min Min becomes a Rotarian of the Yangon Rotary Club (RCY) http://www.rotaryclubyangon.org/. Min Min is very proud to follow the ethos of Rotary – Service Above Self.

As a householder’s life, Min Min got married Nandar in 2006. He is a father of a son and a daughter. As an eldest son in the family, Min Min is also looking after the aged mother. Min Min has a hobby of mountain climbing and trekking.


Myanmar Frangipani Travels and Tours Co., Ltd.


Min Lwin Oo (Min Min) – Mobile: +95 9 500 7831

Managing Director, Myanmar Frangipani Travels and Tours Co., Ltd.

Director, HMM Co. Ltd.

Email: minlwinoo@gmail.com

Fax/ Phone: +95 1 241 775, Phone: +95 9 428 552 795, +95 9 443 024 296
44th Street, Bldg. No. 61, 3rd Floor, Room 4, Botataung Tsp., Yangon 11161, Myanmar

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